Client Reviews and Testimonials

If you’re charged with a State or Federal crime in Maine, you want to find the best criminal defense attorney to handle your case. A lot of lawyers say they’re great, but there’s always the possibility that they’re biased. Many folks don’t know where to turn for honest advice on what criminal lawyer to choose, and those who had a good criminal defense attorney might not want to publicize the fact that they ever needed one.

I am proud to share the following reviews from real clients who thought well enough of me to say a bit about their experience.

These reviews were posted on my Google + Local Page:

This case involved an Elevated Aggravated Assault charge with a 30 Year maximum sentence:


This case involved several driving offenses and the client was unable to return to Maine:


This was an OAS where the client was suspended for OUI:


This was an OAS case that ended with a dismissal:


This client faced serious driving offenses and could not return to Maine:


These reviews were  published on my AVVO profile:

This client faced various drug possession charges:


This client faced a second offense OUI and a mandatory 7 days in jail:


Here’s one that was posted on my Citysearch Profile:

The case involved a probation violation where the client faced approximately 4 years in prison: