Operating After Habitual Offender Revocation: Definitions, Sentences

People who fall within Maine’s habitual motor vehicle offender designation will have their driver’s license revoked for 3 years and will face serious charges if they drive during the revocation. I have written before about some of the defenses to these crimes. This article discusses the prior convictions that bring a person within the habitual offender designation, the State’s revocation notice laws and the mandatory minimum sentences for these crimes. [Read more…]

Operating After Suspension or Habitual Offender Revocation Charges in Maine

Suspended Maine LicenseIn Maine, it’s easy to get charged with Operating After Suspension or OAS. There are a lot of ways to get suspended and the State Does a lousy job of notifying people of the suspension. Still, the penalties are very real: Large fines are mandatory and jail time must be imposed in more serious cases. Even if there is no court imposed suspension, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license again if you plead guilty. [Read more…]