Maine traffic ticket lawyer explains traffic & speeding tickets

A Maine traffic ticket lawyer can help when your Ferrari gets stoppedMaine speeding tickets, moving violations, traffic infractions and other similar driving offenses are not crimes but they carry some of the same consequences as criminal charges. As a Maine traffic ticket lawyer, I can tell you that even a simple speeding ticket will almost certainly add points to a driver’s license, expense to insurance premiums and can even trigger a license suspension. [Read more…]

Criminal Speeding in Maine: Defenses, Definitions and Sentences

Criminal Speeding in Maine is no joke. Courts take these cases very seriously and judges do not hesitate to impose jail sentences for serious violations. Pleading guilty will trigger large fines, a mandatory license suspension and possible jail time. These cases can seem pretty open and shut. Though the statutes are designed to favor the police and their radar gun, there are defenses, some that don’t have anything to do with the speed the car was traveling. [Read more…]