Bail in Maine: Setting, Reducing & Violating Conditions of Release

Maine bail code does not allow for bail bonds

There are no bail bonds in Maine

In Maine, almost all defendants arrested and charged with a new offense have a right to bail. Those who can bail out stand a much better chance of resolving their case in a favorable way. But having a right to bail does not mean that every defendant will be released pending trial. To understand how bail works in Maine, you need to know something about who sets bail, the different kinds of bail and what happens when conditions are violated. This article covers the following topics, use the links to jump to that section:

  1. Why it’s Important to get bailed out
  2. When and how bail is set in Maine
  3. Types of bail: promise, cash, surety, supervision
  4. Preconviction bail for those accused
  5. Postconviction bail for those found guilty
  6. Options for getting bail reduced
  7. Violating Conditions of Release & Bail Revocation

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Maine Criminal Code, Statutes, Laws & Rules of Criminal Procedure

The Maine criminal code is a collection of statutes passed by the state legislature. These laws make certain conduct illegal and specify penalties for the crimes. Reading the statute that defines a particular crime will give you some information, but won’t tell the whole story. To really understand how Maine’s criminal code works you need to know how statutes, case law, rules of procedure and rules of evidence interact to form what might be called Maine criminal law. This article addresses the following topics:
Maine criminal code and statutes

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Portland District Attorney’s Office: Police Departments and DA Teams

In Cumberland County Maine, the criminal court is organized as a “Unified Criminal Docket.” This means that the District and Superior Courts are now unified into one Court that handles all criminal cases. Before unification, the DAs were assigned to prosecute either misdemeanors in district court or felonies in superior court; when the Court reorganized, it forced the District Attorney’s Office to restructure. Today, Assistant District Attorneys are assigned to color coded teams which are each responsable for covering all cases submitted by a particular group of law enforcement agencies. [Read more…]

Misdemeanor Charges? In Maine You Might Never Need to go to Court

Maine’s criminal rules allow many defendants facing misdemeanor charges to avoid ever setting foot in a courtroom if they hire a Criminal Defense Attorney. These procedures are available to anyone but can be especially useful for clients who live outside of the state and have misdemeanor charges pending in Maine courts. This applies to most driving charges such as operating under the influence, operating after suspension, and any other misdemeanor such as drug possession and domestic violence assault. [Read more…]